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Style – Thai, Cambodian, International

Price Range ($) – 8 – 10

Rating –  5 out of 10

Location523 Princess St. Kingston, ON K7L 1C6

Royal Angkor is one of many Thai restaurants in Kingston. The food tasted good, but I would not go back. Read on, dear readers.


The restaurant seemed clean and well-kept. The decor was simple and the walls had beautiful paintings of Cambodia. Ambiance was lacking as a TV was ON in the background, though muted. For a Saturday at 5:30pm, it was quite empty except for our group and another couple. On the other hand, there was a steady flow of take-outs.


For the appetizer, we ordered the Cambodian Spring Roll. They were crispy rolls made with chicken, pork, Thai mushrooms, vermicelli, and onions, served with Thai dipping sauce. They were expensive ($5) but the taste did make up for that. Succulent on the inside and crispy on the outside, with the right amount of seasoning.

Cambodia Spring Rolls - $5.00

Cambodia Spring Rolls – $5.00

My first friend ordered the Panang Chicken. The dish was tender chicken breast in a creamy red curry sauce topped with fresh basil and coconut milk, served with steamed rice. It was quite comparable to other Thai restaurants in Kingston, and maybe an edge better. This dish had a rating of 2 hot chilli peppers, and the spiciness came out just right in the aftertaste. Delicious.

Panang Chicken - $10.00

Panang Chicken – $10.00

My second friend ordered the Red Curry Bamboo. It included a choice of chicken or beef slices in a creamy red curry sauce, with bamboo shoots, Thai green chilli, lime leaf and basil, topped with coconut milk, served with steamed rice. It was also rated as 2 hot chilli peppers and as before, the spiciness was only in the aftertaste. It was a very manageable level of spiciness. Delicious.

Red Curry Bamboo - $10.00

Red Curry Bamboo – $10.00

Lastly, I ordered the Kako Khmer. It was a Cambodian lemongrass stir fry with chicken, mixed vegetables, green papaya, jackfruit, eggplant, long bean, and Thai green chilli, served with steamed rice. It had a rating of 1 hot chilli pepper but personally, this dish was not spicy. I really enjoyed the variety of mix-ins and it truly was delicious…until I found a short strand of hair. I fully understand that hair in food is not a significant health hazard whatsoever, but I hate to lose my appetite in the middle of my meal. Keep reading to find out how the restaurant dealt with this problem.

Kako Khmer - $10.00

Kako Khmer – $10.00

Hair in my Kako Khmer

Hair in my Kako Khmer


The service was bad. We were not greeted upon entering and not shown to our seats. As the waitress was placing our menus on the table, she made a snarky comment when I didn’t immediately sit down and was fumbling with my bag – I found myself apologizing and immediately thought, “Why am I even apologizing?”. The waitress looked bored at her job, yawned while standing behind her desk and had a grumpy look on her face. Furthermore, we waited 30+ mins for our food…it may be busy that night but that is simply not the way to run a restaurant.

When I notified the waitress about the hair in my food, she apologized, took the plate back and notified the kitchen staff. Instead of having a planned procedure concerning such issues, the waitress came back confused and looked at me for guidance…That’s when all the confusion started. Do I get a new plate of food and still pay the $10? Do I get a new plate of food for free? Do I simply just get my original plate for free?

I walked away without having to pay for my half-eaten plate of food and was not given a new plate free of charge. I’m not disappointed at the result but rather at the process. You’d think they would have known exactly what to do with customer complaints.


Royal Angkor had delicious food but it also had poor service, long wait times and I found hair in my food. There are other restaurants that offer similar tasting food at a similar price (check out Wok-In), thus I will NOT be revisiting Royal Angkor anytime soon.

Happy Eating,


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